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Customized SABORKA

Would you like to own a bag or backpack that is specifically made for you? In the right fabric, color, size and the right features you want?

Then look no further <3

how does it work?

At the beginning it is very important for you to think about what you would like to have:


We will be talking about all these details in person, but it always helps when you have already thought about some basic characteristics you would want to have :)

Find your favorite Saborka Style and make it your own

For what purpose do you want to use your bag/backpack for - this questions helps us narrow down the size of your customized saborka piece


Think about the colors you would like to have, both outside and inside. Later at the studio you will be able to pick the right color and fabric out of our fabric collection


what features would you love to include?

Lining with additional closing option or without additional closing - with a subtle fabric or with pattern and different colors. The choice is yours <3


 what features would you like to include? Additional zip-pockets on the outside? you prefer silver over brass metall pieces? etc...

next step: make an appointment

email us at


All customized orders include a personal session with Sabrina - the Head Designer of SABORKA, where you will be able to discuss all your ideas, the materials you would like to have and so on. These sessions can either take place in person at our studio, or via zoom (for example: if you dont live in Vienna, or would simply prefer it online)

p r i c i n g

The price can vary based on the size of the item, its material and features. After we know what you want it will be easier for us to estimate the price.


For example: A customized version of our Classic SABORKA backpack will be between 200-300€


some of our customized works