Our values

Sustainability and a sustainable life can be approached in many different ways - all of which have, in our opinion, a valid role to play. And if we would all wait until we are perfect at it we would never even start - which is why we decided to go do it in the best way we can - to be perfectly imperfect.



How can we ensure a circular life for your favorite SABORKA piece, together?

/ it starts with the choice of material, the place of production, as well as the packaging we use to ship a SABORKA.

Previously we purchased our materials in Austria only, most materials were from dead-stock - fabric that large companies did not need anymore. However, we are aware that most of the materials we used were not environmental friendly - as most faux-leather is made from Petroleum. This is something we are currently working to change - in the future we want to work with sustainable fabrics only (like organic cotton, linen, Piñatex, etc...) - we are not there yet, but already on our journey towards a more sustainable product.


With the new EARTH COLLECTION we started using a wonderful new material called Piñatex - which is made out of pineapple leaf fibres (makes up 80% of the fabric - for more infos here). In the new collection we combine Piñatex with other natural materials and fibers such as (organic) cotton, linen and wood.


/ We produce everything locally - right here in Vienna, Austria.

Which means that once the fabric has reached the studio it will not leave the studio until it has been turned into a saborka product and sent to its new home. The only travel we want our products to do is with you <3


/ Sustainable packaging

Our packaging is finally plastic free and we are very excited to be working with noissue - who provide us with our beautiful tissue paper and stickers - there business focuses on beautiful sustainable packaging - so thankful for their wonderful work (they have even planted a tree after our order) <3


/ Low-waste production is also an important part for us - we are not perfect yet, but we believe that there is a lot to be gained from saving fabric scraps that would have been otherwise considered waste. We regulary offer pieces-clutches - and other products made out of our unique pieces fabric - like this one


/ We offer repairs - yes, this is super important, because many of our customers might not be aware of that. We offer repairs not only because we want to keep you happy with your very own SABORKA, but also because it is a great way to help the environment. Feel free to get in touch with us to make an appointemnt for a repair.


/ Let us create a new product - you love your product but you need it in a new style? let us create a new product out of your old one <3


/ Want to find a new home for your saborka - you love the saborka products but after a few years you are in the need of something new, but want to ensure that your old saborka item finds a great new home? Let us help you find it <3 We will also check the product for any possible damages to fix them before they will go to their new home.


/ Don't want the product any more? Instead of throwing it out - bring/send the item back to us so we can save all the parts that can be saved to give them a new life. You will receive a gift card from us as a thank you <3


Let us protect our beautiful planet - one product at a time.