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minimize Waste



2016 marks the beginning of SABORKA. Since the beginning all products have been made in our studio in Vienna. Being right in the middle of production you see rather fast what works and what doesn't, both product and production wise. One thing that was always important to me was the minimization of waste during the production process.


Obviously, producing something creates will always create waste, and producing bags completely zero-waste is close to impossible, but there are ways to ensure that as much fabric is saved. One way of doing that is by arranging the patterns of each product in a way that ensures the leaste amount of wasted material. But unless your pattersn fit perefctly onto the next, there will be off-cut material. 


But what happens to the off-cut material?

The faux-leather scraps hardy frings, which is why I decided to simply put the fabric cut-offs back together. This was the birth of the saborka pieces-clutch.



Since then I have created a great number of fabric sheets from our production off-cuts, which I later turned into bags and backpacks <3

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In 2019 we finally took the next step towards more sustainable products by introducing the material Pinatex into our collection.

Isn't the texture gorgeous?

do you want to create your very own unqiue saborka piece?

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