Piñatex Performance

same pineapple leafs, different aesthetics

The Piñatex family is growing. We are so excited to introduce you to a new material innovation from Ananas Anam - the new Piñatex Performance.


This gorgeous material has a more traditional leather-like aesthetic compared to the Piñatex Original, is waterproof (yay) and allows us to expand our product range in an environmentally friendly way.


Our Piñatex Performance Collection is perfect for all those of you who want to make more conscious fashion decisions, but for whom Piñatex Original wasn't the right fit just yet.


We promise, you are going to love it.


                                                                                                                                       photo credit: Ananas Anam


46% PALF (Pineapple Leaf Fibre)
36% PU
12% PLA (Polylactic Acid)
6% Bio PU


P i ñ a t e x   p e r f o r m a n c e          v s.          P i ñ a t e x   o r i g i n a l

"Both Piñatex Original and Piñatex Performance comprise of the same base material, Piñafelt®, which is made from 80% waste pineapple leaf fibre and 20% PLA. The coating of Piñatex Original/Pluma/Mineral is a water-based PU resin which comprises of 10% of the total material composition. The coating of Piñatex Performance is a high solid PU and bio-based PU which comprises of 42% of the material composition. Both are REACH compliant"

- Source: Piñatex



There are some compositional differences in the material between Piñatex Original and the new  Piñatex Performance that we would like to adress:


Piñatex Original is made up of a higher percentage of Pineapple leave fibre (72%), while the new Piñatex Performance is made up of less (46%) - and even though this is a significant amount we still decided to add it to our product range - because we believe that it is a wonderful and more sustianable alternative to generic faux-leather which is usually 100% synthetic.


So the choice which of our Piñatex products is the right fit for you is up to you.

One thing is for certain, with a SABORKA product #MadeFromPiñatex you are making a great choice, because the accessories we love should not cost our planet.


If you want to know more about Pinatex check out our informational page or visit their website https://www.ananas-anam.com/


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