P i ñ a t e x   c o l l e c t i o n

 Where sustainability and timeless design meet.



We are happy to announce that we have expanded our product range and added new colors to our existing Piñatex collection. With every new Piñatex product we are getting closer to our goal of sustainability. This wonderful material is made with our plant in mind, as it is primarily made out of agricultural waste from the pineapple harvest, and offers farmers and other locals an additional income stream.

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With our new products we are countinuing our celebration of mother nature and the materials she provides us with. 

Through it, we want to show that the slow and ethical production of a product is not only a fashion statement, but a way to celebrate and protect mother nature.



Sustainability never looked this good.

p e a r l   b a g   m a r g a r e t   -   l a r g e

b a c k p a c k   i v y

p e a r l   b a g   m a r g a r e t   -   o r i g i n a l

b a g   m a r g o

b a g   h a r p e r