fair production meets timeless design

SABORKA combines timeless designs with fair production to create unique accessories for women from all walks of life.

SABORKA is a vegan accessory brand founded by Sabrina Satzinger. The design as well as the production of each piece takes place at our studio in Vienna, Austria.


consciously made in Vienna, Austria

we are not a fast fashion brand and we are proud of it



Sabrina Satzinger is the founder and head-designer of SABORKA.

She graduated from the Art and Design School Herbstrasse in Vienna, Austria in 2011, where she studied Fashion Marketing.


Afterwards, she continued her education in English and American Studies as well as Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna. During her studies she was continuously motivated by her desire to create, which inspired her to start her own accessory brand in June of 2016.


The goal was and still is to create an accessory brand with a strong focus on craftsmanship. Sabrina strongly believes that the fair production, the use of sustainable materials as well as the responsible use of resources can make for a truly beautiful product.


It is time to shift our focus away from just a beautiful design to the whole beauty of a product, its craftmanship and design as well as its often times hidden beauty of an ethical and sustainable creation.


So far our products are all fair produced (in Vienna, AT), and cruelty free, however not all of our accessories are made from sustainable materials. Even though our products are mostly made from dead-stock faux-leather - the material however is not sustainable as it is made from petroleum. Our earth collection is our first attempt of usinge sustainable materials - made from Pinatex.

We are dedicated to continue our work towards an entirely sustainable brand. Feel free to follow our journey <3


All products are designed and produced in Vienna, Austria.

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